Editorial Team

Foldable News writes about devices with foldable, rollable, bendable and flexible displays. The future of our smartphones, tablets, TVs, cameras and other gadgets.

Managing Editor

Managing editor is renowned reporter/editor V. P. Verweij, who has 29 years experience in journalism. He started his career at NBC Europe and moved on to Dutch broadcast media.

His work was shown worldwide, such as his documentary about drones, which aired in 8 countries. He reported on many technology related subjects and made international headlines with several investigative stories, such as a major computer security leak at European police HQ.

Contact Vincent on managing-editor @ foldable.news


Timo van der Eng (picture right) is a seasoned journalist. He wrote for newspaper Het Parool and Panorama magazine. He started his career at broadcaster Teleac. Then went to publisher A.W. Bruna where he headed the multimedia department. He also managed new media activities at publisher Nieuw Amsterdam and Tijdsbeeld Media. Contact Timo on timo.van.der.eng @ foldable.news

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