The Woz wants Apple to make a foldable phone

The Woz wants Apple to make a foldable phone

Apple co-founder and cult-figure Steve Wozniak wants a foldable phone from the company he helped create. Wozniak (68) told Bloomberg that Apple risks lagging behind in the foldable phone race. He said: “Apple has been the leader for quite a long time in few areas such as Touch ID, facial ID and easy payment with the phone. They were the leader and everyone else had to follow. But they’re not the leader in things like the folding phone and that worries me because I really do want a folding phone. You know, it’s one of those new technologies that does catch my attention.” Watch a video clip of the interview below.

Chinese and Korean companies have announced foldable devices in the past week. Huawei introduced their Mate X foldable phone and Samsung will bring the Galaxy Fold to market. Both devices morph from a smartphone into a tablet, using flexible display technology.

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