Lots of gadgets could benefit from a foldable display

Lots of gadgets could benefit from a foldable display

Flexible displays are all the rage now and are expected to take 2019 by storm. Severl smartphone manufacturers have announced their plans to bring a foldable device to market this year. But what about all the other gadgets that we use in our daily lives?

List of devices

Here’s a list of devices that could benefit greatly from the new display technology.

  • Laptops / Notebooks
  • Gaming devices
  • Smart Watches
  • TVs
  • Cameras (Video, DSLR and compact)
  • Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Military applications
  • DECT / Office phones
  • E-readers
  • Portable navigation devices (think TomTom/Garmin)
  • In-flight entertainment displays
  • Electronic music instruments
  • Computer monitors
  • Automotive displays
  • Household devices (coffeemachines, thermostats)
  • Medical devices
  • Signage / Advertising displays

Laptops / Notebooks

Portability has always been one of the main selling factors for notebooks. Think of the Macbook Air which revolutionised the slim for factor in laptops. Combined with a foldable keyboard, manufacturers could produce a very compact package, which -when folded out- could become a full-size laptop.


Most likely, the first applications we’ll see are DSLR camera’s. A flip-out display which can be double or triple the size of the current ones, would make it much easier for photographers and videographers to rack focus and judge exposure. Camera manufacturers such as Sony, Canon and Nikon are likely to jump on the bandwagon soon.


The next category of devices that will get flexible screens are gaming devices. Companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will be able to produce compact handheld gaming devices with foldable form factors that would enhance the viewing experience. It could revive the slowing demand for portable gaming equipment.

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