The new Razr phone with flexible display gets patented

The new Razr phone with flexible display gets patented

Motorola has recently registered a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) that may reveal a first look at its RAZR remake with a folding display. The design was filed last month and appears to show a device with a flexible screen that bends inwards, alongside a second smaller, static display on the outside. Reports last week suggested that Motorola intends to relaunch the classic RAZR phone as an expensive foldable screen device at Mobile World Congres in Spain next month. 

The design bears a resemblance to the iconic Motorola phone, with the chin on the bottom of the device. In the mid-nineties, it was the slimmest handset on the market. One half of the device was a keypad, while the other half was the display. The device, which popularised the flip-phone form factor, may make its comeback with a foldable display soon.

The iconic original Razr phone from Motorola

Display manufacturer BOE showed a prototype with foldable screen, at Display Week in the USA, that resembled the Motorola flip phone form factor.

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