Video: huge rollable tablet prototype

Video: huge rollable tablet prototype

Chinese display manufacturer BOE showed a huge rollable tablet during Display Week in San Jose recently. It stretches from 5 inch closed to a massive 12.3 inch size when opened. Video of the device, was captured by

The device is only a prototype and is meant to showcase the rollable display technology that BOE has to offer. The company is one of the three biggest manufacturers of flexible OLED screens, together with Korean companies Samsung and LG.

Creaseless phone

BOE was also showing a creaseless foldable smartphone that folds fully flat. Other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X are suffering from a clearly visible wrinkle in the middle of the screen. The BOE prototype (shown below) doesn’t have that problem. The device folds outwards, much like the Mate X does.

Creaseless foldable phone. Credit: Charbax /

The full video report of the BOE booth, can be watched here.

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