Corning shows bendable glass to be used in foldable phones

Corning shows bendable glass to be used in foldable phones

U.S. glass producer Corning, maker of reinforced ‘Gorilla glass, have given Cnet a glimpse of their future development, showing the production of bendable glass. The ultra thin glass can bend to a 5mm radius, making it suitable for foldable phones.

As we wrote earlier, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, WIPO, recently assigned a number of patents for foldable devices to Corning in New York. Corning is best known for it’s ‘Gorilla glass’, chemically strengthened glass, used in the smartphones, tablets, notebooks and wearables.  It has a high overall crack-resistance, making it resistant to damage from everyday use. However, in flexible displays, no glass is used, but organic light emitting diodes are printed on a plastic substrate. Corning has now received a patent for ‘flexible glass’, which can be bent to a certain degree.

Defensive move

This is obviously a defensive move by Corning, who may see their business threatened by glass-free displays of the future. The real question that Cnet should have asked in their video is why someone would want glass in their phone in the first place. The fact that phones with plastic OLED displays can’t break, is one of the main advantages of such product.

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