Flexible and rollable displays at Amsterdam tradeshow (VIDEO)

Flexible and rollable displays at Amsterdam tradeshow (VIDEO)

More than 80.000 people visited Integrated Systems Europe last week in Amsterdam. It’s a tradeshow for audiovisual business systems, such as projection systems, digital whiteboards and videoconferencing. Foldable.News made a video report of the show, looking for flexible, transparent, rollable and other innovative displays.

LG, Samsung and Sony were present at the tradeshow and showed some of their innovations. Samsung showed an 8K display and the worlds first QHD, curved monitor, made with a flexible OLED. Other than that, not a lot of innovation from Samsung at this show.

Their Korean cousin LG on the other hand, brought lots of flexible OLED innovations to Amsterdam. They showed ‘The Fall’, a setup with 88 curved OLED displays stitched together. LG also showed curved displays for retail and advertising. And a transparant OLED that can show video or computer animations in front of real objects.

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and now in Amsterdam, was LG’s rollable TV. It’s a very thin flexible display that rolls up and hides in a box that also houses the speaker system. It will be available in retail stores later this year.

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