New video of Xiaomi foldable phone leaked

New video of Xiaomi foldable phone leaked

A new video of the Xiaomi double-folding device, demoed earlier by the company’s president Lin Bin, has leaked on the internet. A short video of someone folding the device appeared first on the Chinese social network Weibo. After folding the device, he puts it on a cup of noodles.

The device features an (approximately) 11 inch foldable display that curves 180 degrees inwards on both sides. The tablet turns into a smartphone, with a screen diagonal of roughly 5 inch, adjusting the user interface on the fly.

No hurry

Xiaomi is not in a hurry to bring the device to market. The company told Foldable News earlier: “Our stance now still has no difference from what we said during the Mobile World Congress, that we are still trying our best to improve this product in terms of user experience, with no available timeline when this product will be marketed.”

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