More Samsung foldable phones coming soon

More Samsung foldable phones coming soon

Samsung will be launching a wide range of foldable smartphones, including one that folds outward, Korean news outlet The Investor is reporting. The outward folding device may even hit the shelves before Huawei’s Mate X September launch. “The launch date has yet to be unveiled, but it’s likely to be earlier than the date set for Huawei,” said one of the anonymus sources that The Investor is quoting. “Samsung has already begun producing the outward folding phone.”


Samsung CEO Koh Dong-jin presented the inward folding Galaxy Fold in February in San Francisco but it was delayed two months later due to unexpected quality issues with the display. A new launch date has not been announced since then. In the meanwhile, development of the device’s successor, the Fold II is also underway. The phone is rumoured to have a 8 inch foldable display with S-pen support.


And the first Fold delay also doesn’t prevent Samsung from quietly working on other new models with flexible OLED screens. Samsung produced a prototype of an out-folding phone last year but decided to push for an in-folding device first. The Korean tech giant is now also working on a clamshell model, much like the rumoured Motorola Razr Fold.

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