Mixed reactions to Samsung’s first foldable device

Mixed reactions to Samsung’s first foldable device

The world press covered Samsung’s Unpacked event today with headlines about the foldable phone. The outrageous price gets most of the attention. Samsung is applauded for its technical innovation, but criticised for its high price point (the phone will cost a staggering $1.980). Here’s what some of the major news outlets had to say.

The BBC writes: “$1,980? You can buy a Galaxy S10e, iPad Pro, wireless headphones and still have change for a foreign break for that.” Cnet thinks that the product is aimed ‘at hardcore Samsung fans’, but won’t appeal to the masses, due to the high price. “Unless you’re crazy rich and have phones to spare, the foldable device may not be for you”. 

More positive

British online newspaper The Guardian is much more positive and believes Apple has a problem. The newspaper writes that the Galaxy Fold changes the smartphone game. “Samsung has placed its stake in the ground with its Galaxy Fold smartphone-tablet folding phone that is spectacular in every way, even in price, and pitches itself years ahead of its arch-rival, Apple.” The Guardian believes the Galaxy Fold is ‘revolutionary’ whereas the iPhone X is merely ‘evolutionary’.

Financial news outlet CNBC quotes Goldman Sachs who also think Samsung’s new foldable phone represents a challenge for Apple in the luxury device market. Because Samsung has it’s own display fabs, the company can produce this innovative device while at the same time blocking Apple’s access to the displays. Samsung has always been one of the display suppliers of Apple, but may keep flexible display technology exclusively for their own use, Goldman Sachs warned clients.

Fat shaming

Finally, Gizmodo is fat shaming the new flagship, the tech blog writes: “Compared to the phones we’re all used to these days, people are going to find the device shockingly thick. It’s pretty safe to say that Galaxy Fold will not live up to the hype, no matter how thick they lay it on”. 

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