Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold launches tomorrow

Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold launches tomorrow

After a 5 month delay, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, will finally launch tomorrow. Customers in South-Korea may purchase the device starting Friday, Sep 6 in Korean shops and online. In the weeks that follow, Samsung will be rolling out the device in markets such as Singapore, USA, Germany and the UK. The foldable phone will also be on display in Berlin, where the IFA consumer electronics show will start tomorrow.


In April, Samsung postponed the commercial release after journalists and vloggers found serious issues with the flexible display in their review devices. Some of the reviewers mistook the top display layer for a protective plastic and peeled it off, rendering the display useless. Samsung has now extended that top layer over the edge of the device, making it impossible to remove. They’ve also added warnings and instructions how to deal with and care for these new kind of displays.

Dust & dirt

Additionally, Samsung have made design changes to the hinge mechanism and the protection of the fragile display. Effectively these measures should prevent dust and dirt entering the device and accumulating under the display, which could turn the phone into a brick. Whether or not these measures are sufficient, remains to be seen. When the devices are in the hands of actual consumers, using them from day to day, it should become clear if they can live up to their expectations.

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