Samsung spills all the beans except the foldable phone (VIDEO)

Samsung spills all the beans except the foldable phone (VIDEO)

Samsung is holding a much hyped event next week to introduce its new Galaxy 10th generation series of smartphones. But prior to the show, almost all the specs and pictures have leaked out. Only the foldable phone has been kept tightly under the lid. No unofficial pictures or specs have been leaked, since the sneak preview at the Samsung developer conference last november and the commercial that Samsung aired globally last week. According to Twitter-leaker Ishan Agarwal the foldable phone will be called ‘Galaxy Winner’. However, this may also be an internal working title for the device.

A leaked photo of the new Galaxy S10+

Samsung is planning to launch three regular, non-folding Galaxy models next week. The S10, S10+ and S10e. The S10+ will have the most impressive specs. With a dual front camera, cut out from the display (pictured below). The first camera being 10 megapixel with a low, light-sensitive F1.9 aperture and a 8 megapixel secondary (depth sensing) camera, that allows 3D and live effects. Then there are three camera’s on the back (picture above). Specs: 12MP (f/2.4) (45-Degrees) telephoto, OIS, zoom, AF / 12MP (f/1.5) (77-degree) regular, Dual Pixel, OIS / 16MP (f/2.2), FF ultra-wide Camera. It will also have fast dual pixel autoFocus and 4K video recording.

The phone probably won’t have a 5G connection, a separate model is expected to be announced with the new cellular standard. But it will have a large 6.4 inch display with 4K resolution. An ultrasonic fingerprintscanner under the display, face-ID recognition with the front facing camera and much more. The S10+ recently¬†appeared in a benchmark¬†with the Exynos 9820 processor and 6GB of RAM. Storage will go up to 512 Gb.

A video of the device leaked out via YouTube today. It’s showing the S10+ with a protecting cover over the display.

Samsung have already opened pre-orders for the device, hinting at the leaks with the slogan: ‘We know you know what is coming soon’. The device will most likely be priced around $1000 US / EUR 900 and will be available in retail stores starting March 8.

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