Apple still very interested in flexible displays (VIDEO)

Apple still very interested in flexible displays (VIDEO)

Samsung may be facing huge problems with their first foldable smartphone, its biggest competitor Apple hasn’t given up on the technology and is still investigating what it can do with it. For the second year in a row, a large Apple delegation was present at Display Week, a trade show in San Jose, where the newest advances in display technology are shown. As observed by industry analyst Dave Haynes, Apple personnel was looking at foldable displays from manufacturers such as CSOT and Tianma, who were present at the show.

Record attendance

Last year, a record 369 Apple employees visited the show, officials with the expo said. That represented a 30% increase from 2017 and those numbers vastly outweighed that year’s attendance by Amazon, Google, and Oculus, which had 25, 40, and 23 people on the floor.


Apart from a few patents that have been published, there are no signs that the tech giant from Cupertino is planning to release a foldable iPhone anytime soon. Apple is rumoured to be cooperating with LG to start developing a foldable OLED display for a future iPhone, but these rumours were unconfirmed by Apple.


Many industry observers noted that the Samsung Galaxy Fold represents a challenge for Apple in the premium smartphone market. What will Cupertino’s reaction be, will they follow suit? And what would a foldable iPhone look like?

iPhone X Fold

Foldable.News asked Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing just that. At our request, he designed the imaginary ‘iPhone X Fold’, a sleek handset with two displays. The outer display features a 1:3 aspect ratio and the inner, foldable display has a 2:3 aspect ratio.

See more pictures of the iPhone X Fold here.

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