Galaxy Fold displays now also breaking in China

Galaxy Fold displays now also breaking in China

Not only US reviewers have experienced broken screens with their Samsung Galaxy Fold. In China, two reviewers had similar experiences recently. Images of the problems were posted to Chinese social media.

Protective layer

In one case, a reviewer tore the protective layer from his foldable smartphone, much like vlogger Marques Brownlee and tech-reporter Mark Gurman of Bloomberg did earlier in the US. The Chinese phone survived however, the display still seems to be working normally. The Chinese reviewer jokingly put the removed cover layer back on and posted the picture to Weibo, the Chinese Facebook (photo above).


Another Weibo-user experienced more serious damage. The upper-left part of his display went purple, similar to what happened to CNBC’s Todd Haselton’s phone in the US. It rendered the phone unusable. The picture (embedded below) was later removed from Weibo for unknown reasons.


A series of photos of the Samsung Galaxy Fold being dissected by repair shop iFixit, also disappeared from the internet. iFixit says it voluntarily removed these pictures after their partner, who supplied them with the phone, was asked by Samsung to remove the information, ironically drawing even more attention to it (the so called Streisand effect)

iFixit says in a statement on their website that they were under no obligation to remove their teardown, legal or otherwise. They still standby their conclusion that the Fold provides insufficient protection from debris damaging the screen.

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