Live coverage of Huawei’s introduction of its foldable phone (VIDEO)

Live coverage of Huawei’s introduction of its foldable phone (VIDEO)

Huawei will be introducing a foldable phone during a 14:00h CET press conference in Barcelona. Foldable.News is present bringing you live coverage of the event. The video stream is embedded below.

Pictures of the device leaked ahead of the show, when a banner at Mobile World Congress was photographed and posted to the internet. On Twitter, another picture (above) was leaked this morning. We expect more details about the specs, pricing and availability to be announced during the presser.

Mate Flex

Huawei has some very ambitious plans for foldable devices. It’s working on a ‘powerful device’ that’s able ‘to replace a PC’, the company’s CEO Ken Hu said earlier. The Huawei flex phones is expected to be marketed as the Mate Flex. The Huawei foldable phone is rumoured to have impressive specs. It will have a fast 5G connection and a 5-inch screen on the front and a 8-inch screen outside with very small bezell. Face-ID recognition is also said to be onboard.

The phone is rumoured to be folding outwards and is likely manufactured by the Chinese company BOE. BOE showed prototypes of their technology at different trade shows in the past year. 

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