Samsung Galaxy Fold flaunted on Korean independence day (video)

Samsung Galaxy Fold flaunted on Korean independence day (video)

The Samsung foldable phone was used during the centennial Korean independence day memorial in Seoul yesterday. Six students recited the declaration of independence while holding the Galaxy Fold. After the recital, they folded them and put them back in their pockets. It was the first public live demonstration of the device after the unveiling in San Francisco ten days earlier.

South-Korea celebrates their independence from Japan every year on March 1st. After the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910, Korea’s domestic resistance was crushed and sent Korean leaders to flee into China. The Japanese rule was oppressive to a far-reaching degree, giving rise to many Korean resistance movements. By 1919 these became nationwide, marked by what became known as the March 1st Movement.

The memorial was attended by South-Korean president Moon Jae-in and his wife. The appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was a clear demonstration of national pride; not only the foldable phones, also the rollable TV from Korean company LG was on stage. Flexible display technology is clearly seen as a marvel of technological achievement in Korea.

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