First full video preview of the Huawei Mate X

First full video preview of the Huawei Mate X

GSMArena publishes the first full video preview of the upcoming Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone. Reviewer Angie Zampona got her hands on the bendy phone and took it for a first test drive. She came out with a mostly positive judgment.

Look and feel

Zampona says she likes the low weight of the device and the look and feel. The X is comfortable in the hand and all the controls are easy to reach. The screen has good contrast and brightness. She says it’s easier to consume media, browse the internet and read on the large display. The bend in the screen is visible, but only if you look really closely.

Strange noise

Zampona says pen support would be awesome, but Huawei told her that won’t be supported anytime soon. Se says the hinge makes a strange noise when closing the device due to all the moving components. ‘Sounds like you’re cracking the bones of a tiny robot. But I was told it’s supposed to sound like that’. The Mate X has no headphone jack, so an USB-C adapter is needed for a wired headphone. Se thinks the camera takes excellent photo’s with the Leica branded cameras.


Games run smooth on the fast Kirin processor, Zampona says. She played Need for Speed on the Mate X. There were some bugs in other software applications though, especially in split screen mode. The keyboard would also need adaptations. Another problem Zampona notes, is that most Android apps are not optimised for tablets, like many iOS apps are.

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