Honor rather punches a hole than folds phones

Honor rather punches a hole than  folds phones

Chinese phone manufacturer Honor doesn’t believe the future of phones is foldable. At a press conference introducing their new flagship model, the View 20, the president’s CEO made critical remarks about the competition, who is about to launch smartphones with foldable displays.

Honor’s President, George Zhao told TechRadar:

“For us it is all about experience. From a technology point of view, it’s good but why do we need a foldable phone? What can the experience offer the user? Maybe it’s two phones together? But that’s too thick and not convenient. From my point of view the technology needs to bring the better experience, to improve the service. That’s more important.”

Honor introduced the View 20 which has a display that covers the entire front of the device, but with a visible hole in the upper left corner of the device. In the hole, a front-facing camera is hiding. Apart from the punch hole display, the Android phone has a 48MP back-facing 3D-camera, 256GB of storage and a Kirin 980 AI chipset. It’s available in Europe now for roughly 600 euros.

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