Samsung flaunts new foldable device in leaked promo-video

A video featuring a previously unknown foldable Samsung device has leaked out on YouTube. It’s a book-type foldable phone with a large outside screen and double-sized inner display. Update 2 feb: the video is now officially released.

The device is featured twice in the video with a wide-angle and a close-up shot, but it doesn’t give any clues about the model or specs. Also, this doesn’t seem to be the same device that was shown on the developer conference last November. The screen sizes are different, as can be seen in the side-by-side picture.

Yesterday, in its Q4 earnings report, Samsung announced that multiple foldable devices would be introduced in 2019. This may be one of the other models that will come to market. However, it could also be a computer render by the advertising agency that produced the video.

More details about the upcoming models will be unveiled at the Samsung Unpack event, scheduled for February 20 in San Francisco.

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