Samsung has two more foldable devices in the pipeline

Samsung has two more foldable devices in the pipeline

Korean electronics firm Samsung has two more foldables in development, sources familiar with the plans told Bloomberg. The next bendy phone from Samsung will have a vertical hinge, allowing it to fold from a regular smartphone slab to a mini-phone. Much like the upcoming Motorola Razr foldable. A recently awarded patent (pictured below) shows this clamshell form factor.

A second device is rumoured to be similar to the Huawei Mate X, with a book-type form factor and outward folding hinge. In contrast, the Galaxy Fold (the first foldable device introduced by Samsung) bends inward like a notebook and has a dual display, one cover screen and one flexible display on the inside.

A spokesperson for Samsung Electronics declined to confirm future plans or the sources of Bloomberg.

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