Samsung won’t be using its own CPU in the Galaxy Fold

Samsung won’t be using its own CPU in the Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company’s first foldable smartphone, will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 755 CPU. Specifications of the processor leaked out on benchmark website Geekbench. The Korean company did not yet publicly announce the processor brand and model it would use in the Fold, they only said it was a CPU manufactured with 7 nanometer transistor density. But the Geekbench data now show it’s an American made processor, not Samsung’s own brainchild.


The choice for the Qualcomm processor is remarkable, because Samsung itself make the Exynos 9820 CPU, which is used in their flagship S10 series of smartphones. It’s not clear why Samsung opted for the Snapdragon 755 instead of its own processor. Competitor Huawei make the 7nm Kirin 980 processor, which will power their first foldable smartphone, the Mate X.

Not the best

The Geekbench data also reveal that the computing power, graphics performance and speed of the Galaxy Fold is not among the best in the business. The S10 series is performing better in the multi-core benchmarks.

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