Xiaomi says no timeline set for foldable phone

Xiaomi says no timeline set for foldable phone

Xiaomi says it has no available timeline for the market introduction of it’s foldable phone. Asked by Foldable.News about rumours floating around of a Q2 introduction and sub $1000 price tag, Xiaomi spokesman Jacques Xiang Li, says he has read the reports but doesn’t comment on rumours.

Xiaomi surprised the world with a video last January, showing a prototype of a foldable phone with a dual hinge design. CEO Lin Bin of Xiaomi demoed the device in a video on the Weibo social network. The video went viral and Xiaomi was expected to bring the device to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, last February. However, they didn’t show the device there. Xiang Li, talking to Foldable News, tells us:

Our stance now still has no difference from what we said during the MWC, that we are still trying our best to improve this product in terms of user experience, with no available timeline when this product will be marketed.

We made a longer interview with Jacques Xiang Li about Xiaomi’s foldable phone plans during Mobile World Congress. Video below.

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