How to replace a broken Samsung Galaxy Fold display

How to replace a broken Samsung Galaxy Fold display

Foldable News has obtained the confidential service manual for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, showing how to replace a broken Galaxy Fold display. Repair shops use this manual to service the Korean company’s first foldable smartphone. Recently, the launch of the Fold was postponed by Samsung because an unusual number of reviewers broke their display in the first few days of usage.

21 screws

The good news is that the display is a single removable piece that can actually be replaced. Loosening 21 screws from the case will allow the display unit to be detached.

Flash new firmware

The service manual also details how to flash a new firmware on the device. To go into service mode, the volume down button and Bixby key must be pressed at the same time, then a USB-data cable must be connected and the volume up key pressed. Various software programs for testing the Fold are explained in detail.

Download: Galaxy Fold service manual

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