Hands-on videos of the Lenovo foldable notebook

Hands-on videos of the Lenovo foldable notebook

A number of US journalists were allowed some hands-on time with the new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 laptop with foldable display. The device was announced in Orlando, Florida with a 2020 commercial release planned. The reporters played with an early prototype of the foldable notebook.


CNET compared the device with the Samsung Galaxy Fold ‘but with a bigger screen’. The tech site didn’t see a top layer that could possibly be peeled off, like some reviewers did, who subsequently wrecked the Galaxy Fold. The keyboard takes some time to get used to, says CNET.

The Verge

The Verge notices that there’s no SIM-card slot (although Lenovo said during its presentation that the device is ‘always connected’). Also, according to The Verge, the device lacks deep software integration. The notebook is cleverly weighted with the main battery in the bottom part, making it sit comfortable on the lap. Being able to fold it halfway, in a V-shape makes it suitable as an e-book reader, the Verge says.


Engadget says when the hinge closes, it snaps together magnetically. There will be dual speakers and a USB-c port. The battery should last the whole day and the screen has a double protection layer to prevent damage. The tech site thinks a laptop with a foldable display is ‘a more compelling use case’ for foldable screens than smartphones.

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