The great foldable phone shoot-out: Samsung vs. Huawei

The great foldable phone shoot-out: Samsung vs. Huawei

Samsung and Huawei introduced their flagship foldable phones in the past weeks. How do they compare? Which one is the best? And how different are the specs? Foldable.News puts them side by side. The battle of the bendy phones has begun.

Form factors

The biggest difference between the two is the form factor. The Samsung is a dual-display inward folding device, whereas Huawei has opted for a single display that folds outward. As a result, the Samsung is thicker and looks bulkier than the Huawei. But it also means the flexible display in the Samsung is better protected. Huawei users are better warned not to put keys or other objects in their pocket next to the Mate X that may damage the display. Because there’s no protective glass on a foldable display, the risk of damage is higher. On the other hand, no glass cover also means it can’t shatter. Drop damage will less likely cause pain on the Huawei. The Samsung cover display however, still contains glass and is therefore more sensitive to drop damage.

Specwise it seems Huawei has the upper-hand. Their device beats Samsung on most items, except the number of camera’s. Samsung has six cameras, compared to Huawei’s three. However, the Mate X has the highest resolution camera: 40 megapixels and it’s produced by the German quality brand Leica, which promises top-notch optical performance.

Display resolution

When we look at the other specs, Huawei beats Samsung. It has a larger, higher resolution display (5.5K vs. 3.3K), making it better for things like web browsing, office-type applications and multitasking. The Samsung aspect ratio of 16:10 is more suited for television and movie consumption, but the resolution is too low for 4K movies and the notch in the upper-right corner may be annoying.

Huawei wins the battery battle with a slightly higher capacity battery which charges 3 times faster. The Mate X is also thinner when folded and has more sensors. Pricewise, Samsung has the upper hand. The device will be $370 dollars ‘cheaper’ with the Fold retailing for $2255 (€1980) and the Mate X for $2619 (€2300).


This comparison is a theoretical exercise because no journalist has been allowed to thoroughly test both devices yet. We cannot judge the most important aspects of these phones: such as their usability, sustainability and ergonomics in real life. But looking at the spec sheets, we would declare Huawei the winner. The thin profile, low weight and larger, significantly higher display resolution, combined with the fast charging battery makes the difference. We will have to wait and see if it justifies the 370 extra dollars that you’ll have to shell out compared with the Samsung.

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