Destructive YouTuber breaks a foldable phone (VIDEO)

Destructive YouTuber breaks a foldable phone (VIDEO)

If you have ever wondered how difficult or easy it is to destroy electronic devices, you can go to YouTube channels such as Will it Blend and Jerry Rig Everyting. In our opinion, it’s annoying adolescent behaviour to destroy things randomly, but apparently it attracts many visitors.

Cutting and breaking

Jerry has now applied his ‘art’ to a Royole Flexpai foldable smartphone. He tries to cut the screen with a Stanley knife, breaks the hinge and sets the device on fire. Not funny, not educational, but the bored YouTube generation is enjoying it.

The Royole Flexpai was the first folding phone that came on the market. It only got a fraction of the attention that its big two competitors, Samsung and Huawei, got for their phones. Despite the fact that the latter two are nowhere to be found in the store and the Flexpai has actually been commercially available for six months.


The software of the Flexpai has since been greatly improved and this brought the magazine Forbes to a strikingly positive review this week. They call the device ‘surprisingly usable’. Besides, Jerry Rig Everything didn’t break the device all that easy, so perhaps the Flexpai is a good alternative while we’re all waiting for the introduction of the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold.

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