First hands-on reports of the Galaxy Fold

First hands-on reports of the Galaxy Fold

A number of U.S. reporters were allowed some hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. They came out overall positive with some criticism. The crease does not seem to be a problem in everyday use, the outer display is a bit cramped and a lot of apps need updating.

The Verge

The Verge calls The Fold ‘more than a concept’. Reporter Dieter Bohn says the device feels much more stable and polished than he expected, but there’s still some work to be done on the software. The crease in the middle of the display (where it folds) is visible under certain lighting conditions and angles, but it’s really not that noticeable, according to the Verge and worth the trade-off of having a big screen that you can fold up.


CNET‘s editor Jessica Dolcourt says the Galaxy Fold is a handset she’s been drooling over for weeks, and now it’s finally here. ‘Despite the plastic interior screen and bezel, the moment I picked it up (opened) and started using it, it truly felt like a cohesive, premium phone’


Wired commissioned Lauren Goode to review the device. She writes: ‘The first time I saw Samsung’s folding phone, it struck me as the smartphone version of two twin hotel beds pushed together to make a queen, with the suggestion of a seam visible under the comforter.’ But after having played with it for a while, she wanted one, because it’s great for reading and watching Netflix.

Fast Company

Fast Company writes that ‘The Fold is pricey at $1,980, exhibits some design decisions borne more of expediency than elegance, and won’t live up to its full potential until third-party developers rework their apps with devices like it in mind. But given what a wild departure it is from the norm, it gets a lot of things right’.

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