Galaxy Fold now in remote test lab

Galaxy Fold now in remote test lab

Samsung is now offering developers the chance to run and test their applications on a remote Galaxy Fold. Using the Remote Test Lab service, developers can test their applications on a real device. The Remote Test Lab service enables developers to access Samsung mobile devices through the web and to install and test applications on the devices. A video feed is provided to show how the app behaves.

Cut costs

For developers, this is a way to cut down on hardware costs for test devices. Interaction with the device is performed over the network in real time allowing developers to comprehensively test their application before distributing it. The Galaxy Fold, which went live for pre-order in the US today, is now available on three remote locations: Korea, Poland and the USA. The service is being used by many developers. Therefore Samsung are allowing people to use it in 30 minute slots only. And they’re asking: ‘Do not play Fortnite’.

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