Galaxy Fold pre-orders now live in the US

Galaxy Fold pre-orders now live in the US

Customers in the USA can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. The registration page is live, but warns about limited availability. The device is Samsung’s first foldable display product to be launched commercially.

The device is a book-type phone/tablet featuring two screens. A cover display on the outside measuring 4.6-inch with 1960 (height) x 840 (width) pixels and when unfolded to a tablet, a 7.3-inch seamless display is visible, with 1536 x 2152 pixels. The phone has 6 camera’s on board. Two on the inner display (one of which a 3D depth camera). One on the ‘front’ of the phone, and a triple-lens camera (wide, ultra-wide and tele) on the back of the device.

Announced in November

The foldable smartphone was first demoed during the Samsung Developer Conference last November. It was disguised by a black box to hide it’s actual dimensions and design. In February it was taken out of its casing, showing a much slimmer profile. A special hinge mechanism was developed to make the device fold and unfold smoothly. Galaxy Fold is also capable of charging itself and a second device simultaneously wirelessly, while connected to a regular charger.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be running Android Pie with OneUI, optimised for foldable phones. It can run 3 apps at the same time on the large inner display and uses ‘app continuity’, which means apps can switch seamlessly from the outer to the inner display while running. The phone will be powered by a 7 nanometer, 64-bit octacore processor and have 12 Gb of RAM with 512 Gigabyte of storage. There’s an AKG sound system and two batteries delivering 4380 mAh power. The fingerprint scanner is on the side of the device. The phone will be available in four colours. Blue, Green, Silver and Black. There will be an LTE and a 5G version. All of this candy won’t come cheap. The premium phone is going to cost a whopping $2300 (€2000). Commercial availability will be on April 26 in the US and May 3 in Europe, with Samsung producing 1 million devices, industry watchers say.

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