How Samsung brought itself in trouble with an unnecessary crease

How Samsung brought itself in trouble with an unnecessary crease

A video (shown below) has leaked out of someone operating a Samsung Galaxy Fold prototype, with a clearly visible crease in the middle. Prominent technology websites around the world are reporting about this wrinkle, turning it into a PR-nighmare for Samsung. The crease is quickly becoming the main reason why consumers are advised not to purchase the Galaxy Fold because of ‘child diseases’. In reality, Samsung could have easily precented this publicity disaster to happen.


The first rumours of a crease problem on the exact spot where the hinge is, started appearing after Samsung presented the Galaxy Fold in February, during its Unfold event in San Francisco. While Samsung showed the device on stage, in certain camera angles, the crease could be seen. During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, rumours of possible problems amplified because Samsung wouldn’t allow a single reporter or visitor to go hands-on with the device. Two Galaxy Folds were kept behind glass in a closed box as if they were the British crown jewels.

Black background

To make things worse, Samsung uses a butterfly themed screensaver for the Galaxy Fold in all of its demo devices. The wallpaper has a black space in the middle, between the wings of the butterfly. This makes the crease more visible than needed. In our hands-on with the Huawei Mate X, last week, we noted that the crease is invisible during normal use, with different colours, but clearly visible on a black or plain white background. This is a known flaw of flexible OLED displays, but not a deal breaker during normal everyday use. It’s a major PR-blunder that Samsung decided to use the butterfly-wallpaper with the black background for its demo devices.

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