Hundreds of apps optimised for Galaxy Fold

Hundreds of apps optimised for Galaxy Fold

Samsung has announced that several hundred apps have been adapted to work on their newly released foldable phone. Samsung developers have been working closely with Google and other partners to enrich the Galaxy Fold’s ecosystem with popular apps and services available today, including popular apps like YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft Office.

Multi-active window

The Fold introduces two new user experiences. Multi-active window and app continuity. The latter enabling users to launch and utilise up to three apps simultaneously. When gaming, for example, multi-active window enables users to launch an app like YouTube and simultaneously watch walkthrough videos of the game while they’re playing. It also makes balancing multiple tasks, including messaging friends, browsing the web and viewing multimedia possible.

Split keyboard

The device has also been optimized for two-handed use. One example is that the split keyboard feature allows the user to type when holding the device in two hands. And the camera button changes position fluidly when the phone is switched from portrait to landscape mode. The home key can be aligned to either side of the screen so that the user doesn’t have to reposition their hand to reach it.

App continuity

App continuity enables apps to seamlessly transition between the cover and main displays when users open and close the device. The challenge was the fact that the Galaxy Fold not only has two screens, but that the aspect ratios of the screens are so drastically different. What’s more, developers needed to create a seamless transition where the user opens their device, and the app they were using on the front screen transitions in its optimized form to the larger screen without stopping or restarting.


If an app has not yet been optimized for the Galaxy Fold, the smartphone’s built-in app-optimizing technology will ensure that content is displayed in a way that makes full use of the device’s large display and foldable form. With a tap of a button, the device automatically converts the app’s size and ratio to fit the display.

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