Laptop replaced with foldable phone and keyboard

Laptop replaced with foldable phone and keyboard

With the introduction of the first foldable phones, the Royole Flexpai and the Samsung Galaxy Fold, accessory makers are jumping on the bandwagon, introducing new products. Makayama, a company known for its iPad video mounts, is now launching a foldable Bluetooth keyboard for the Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Royole Flexpai. Together, the combination turns the smartphones into an ultra-compact foldable laptop, allowing fast typing on a full-size keyboard. This seems an indispensable accessory for any foldable phone business user.

The keyboard has a built-in kickstand, that can hold the unfolded smartphone. In unfolded state, it has a 9 inch, fullsize qwerty-keyboard, that can be combined with an 8 inch (Mate X) or 7.3 inch (Galaxy Fold) display.

The keyboard folds horizontally from two sides, making it compact and easier to carry. In folded state, it measures 9.25” in length, 2.15” wide and 0.72” height. It is rechargable with a USB-cable and will last more than a week on a full charge and even 60 days on standby.

The price is € 49,95 ($ 44,95) and it’s available directly from Makayama.

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