Samsung Galaxy Fold manual leaks out

Samsung Galaxy Fold manual leaks out

Foldable.News obtained the full PDF manual for the Samsung Galaxy Fold (download here), which will be provided to AT&T subscribers in the US. The manual contains clear warnings not to peel off the protective display layer which may lead to ‘damage’. Early reviews showed it can lead to serious malfunctions or even a dead device, which led Samsung to postpone the commercial availability of the Fold. AT&T says the visible crease in the middle of the screen is ‘a normal characteristic of the device’. 

Carrier apps

The AT&T version of the Galaxy Fold comes with a number of carrier apps, such as Call Protect, which let you take control over nuisance calls and ProTech, offering device setup and troubleshooting. Also, two apps for live tv streaming are included: Watch TV and DIRECTV. Both require additional subscriptions.

Continuity and multitasking

Two distinctive new features of the Galaxy Fold are only briefly mentioned in the manual: app continuity (apps that run both on the small front screen and the large inner display) and multitasking (using multiple apps at the same time). Apps that support multi-window can be displayed together on a split screen. Users can switch between the apps and adjust the size of their windows.


The 162-page manual also contains details about the multiple ways to secure and unlock the device. Apart from the fingerprint scanner (which doubles as the Bixby smart assistent button), the phone can be unlocked with face recognition, drawing a pattern, entering a pincode or by providing a password.

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