Escobar foldable phone: scam, parody, or legit?

Escobar foldable phone: scam, parody, or legit?

A remarkable new foldable phone has launched on the internet. The Escobar Fold1 is a new 7.8 inch foldable phone/tablet, made by ‘the brother of Pablo Escobar’. The device is supposed to sell for only $349. The product claims are so outrageous that we tend to believe it’s a scam. The company takes creditcard payments. But will it deliver?


The specs of the Fold1 are decent. The company claims the phone has a 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, running at 2.8 Ghz. The GPU is Adreno 640. Two camera’s (16 and 18 megapixels). 8Gb of RAM memory with 128 or 512 Gb storage. It weighs 320 grams and runs Android 9. A fingerprint scanner is included, lots of sensors and a dual sim slot. All the features that you would expect in a high-end foldable device. And they would still be able to sell this for a mere 349 USD with free shipping? Highly unlikely as the bill of materials would have exceeded that amount already.

Parody or scam

The device is advertised with lots of tacky promo material, showing semi-nude girls and Russian beauty contest winners. The brother of Pablo Escobar is allegedly running the company and used to be ‘head of assassinations’ they claim. At first glance, this seems a parody. But since the creditcard payments are real, we warn you against purchasing it. It’s more likely to be a scam. Most likely, the company used a Royole Flexpai and wrapped it in a gold cover to make it look legit. The specs are identical as the Flexpai, a device that got mostly bad reviews.


We’ve reached out to the company to check if this is a real device and have asked for a review version. As soon as we receive one, we will link to the company website. For the time being, we call BS on this one.

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