Leo Laporte predicts foldable phone will flop

Former tv-host and tech writer Leo Laporte does not believe in the future of foldable phones. He predict the devices will be a flop and in January 2020 during the next Consumer Electronics Show, no foldable smartphones will be shown.

Laporte says in his weekly podcast ‘This week in tech‘ that he doesn’t see the point of having a foldable display because it does not add anything to the already very usable phablet smartphone:

“A Galaxy Note 9 or an iPhone 10S Max, that’s fine, that gets the job done. The first generation foldables is probably going to be wanky anyway. There will be usability issues. Are these devices really going to be able to bend thousands of times without showing wear of any kind? This is an industry that’s desperate for something new and different, so they’re going to throw a lot of spaghetti against the wall. This is a noodle that’s gonna flop.”

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