World reacts to Xiaomi’s stunning triple foldable

World reacts to Xiaomi’s stunning triple foldable

The video of Xiaomi boss Lin Bin demonstrating its foldable device prototype earlier this week has caused a worldwide buzz among tech lovers and industry watchers. Reactions are mainly positive, however some criticism can also be heard.

Marques Brownlee, influential YouTuber and technology blogger, says the ‘sandwich mode’ in the Xiaomi device, with both sides wrapping around the middle third, makes more sense than other devices that have been demonstrated earlier, such as the Samsung and Royole phones. Brownlee, when seeing the Xiamoi video for the first time: “Wow. I like the idea, going from tablet mode, to a smaller tablet makes more sense than what I’ve seen so far. But this isn’t making me go ‘that’s why I want a folding phone’. I’m kinda still waiting for that moment.”

Stole Samsung’s thunder

The US technology website Cnet writes that Xiaomi just stole Samsung’s thunder: “This design makes a lot of sense. It’s the first true challenge to Samsung’s early leadership in the foldable space, a brave new design that’s poised to bring the stagnant smartphone market renewed interest and growth.”

Apple news website Cult of Mac is equally positive. After Samsung unveiled their device, the managing editor asked himself ‘what’s the point of a foldable phone?’ But now he writes: “After seeing seeing Xiaomi’s impressive foldable phone prototype, I really, really want one.”

Elegant and attractive

Fast Company says: “So far, it’s the most elegant and attractive of them all, thanks to its thin profile when unfolded and its compact folded volume when folded. The promise is simple: carry around a phone smaller than the current models for simple tasks like mail, messaging and banking. Expand it into a large surface for watching movies, reading news, books, and more.”

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